Who is this course for? 

This course is designed for young professionals ages 25-45. You should sign up if you want to make smart decisions with your money. This is the course you should have been taught in high school or college and will help you establish a strong financial foundation.

What do you get?

  • Five one-hour courses. Don't worry if you can't attend one of the sessions live as they will be recorded

  • An online portal to start organizing your financial life and a place to store your financial docs

  • Financial planning templates, Excel files, downloads, and worksheets

  • My “Top Tax Minimization Tips” doc

  • A Google sheet with over 40 financial hacks to improve your cash flow

  • A financial road map to follow once the course ends to keep you on track and accountable to your goals

  • Once the course is completed, you will receive a one-hour private planning session to answer any remaining questions

Top 10 Reasons To Enroll:

1. I feel overwhelmed with my finances and don't even know where to start

2. I constantly feel like: "I know I make a good living, but I don't have anything to show for it."

3. I want to know how to save for a home when it seems so out of reach

4. I want a better system for managing my finances

5. I want to shorten my learning curve for how to improve my financial literacy and confidence in managing my own money

6. I want to understand the basics of investing and how to pick the funds within my 401(k)

7. I want to minimize my taxes

8. I want to know how much I should have saved by now. Am I ahead? Behind? How do I get caught up?

9. I work hard for my money and I want to make sure it is working hard for me!

10. I want to learn how to turn my income into wealth 


Class 1: Getting Organized, Balance Sheet and Credit Score

Class 2: Insurance and Cash Flow

Class 3: Financial Independence and Investments

Class 4: Setting Your Path, Goal Setting and Minimizing Your Taxes

Class 5: Estate Planning, Cash Flow Hacks, and Your Financial Road Map